Corn Flower Project- Into The Community (3 yr project)

Malton YO17
Salary: £8,100.00 /year

To create a new cornflower nursery site on Next Steps(Malton) allotment in Norton -upon Derwent before introducing these plants to other green spaces around Norton and Malton as well as other Towns in Ryedale.

To promote the conservation of arable flowers by finding new urban and rural sites for the species to be grown, to raise awareness of these rare flowers and increase the number of volunteers, including those new to conservation activities.

  • Promote the project to Next Steps volunteers and service users. Raise interest amongst those already involved in Next Steps to help out on the allotment, visit other Cornfield Flowers Project sites to learn about the project and help collect seeds, and help planting out on new sites as they become available.
  • Work with local councils to identify public spaces where the range of arable flowers being grown by Next Steps could form part of the amenity display.
  • Cultivation of rare plants. Promote involvement of local gardening groups and other groups to grow seed and plant out on their sites or sites involved in the project to widen the range of volunteers.
  • Promote the health benefits of the project. Liaise with North Yorkshire Public Health Team to determine suitable evaluation tools on changes in physical and mental health of Next Steps service users involved in the project.
  • Making presentations to new audiences around Ryedale as necessary to promote the project and locate new planting sites or new volunteers.

Attend the Cornfield Flowers Project Steering Group as necessary to update on the activities of Next Steps and identify links with wider the steering group’s wider activities.

Closing date 23.11.2018 10 am