The Big Conversation.

The Big Conversation.

Please encourage as many service users and carers as possible to join Our Big Conversation. We’ve included some of the messages highlights below for...

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Moving Forward

This year an independent evaluation of Next Step’s services took place. This was carried out by Foundation Doctors from the local surgery and was based on the Human Given Needs scale. Face to face interviews were conducted with members attending Norton drop-in centre.

The resulting report ‘Moving Forward on Mental Health’ demonstrated that Next Steps saves the statutory services an average of £1,427 per annum through its services offered to people with mental health issues.

The cost savings were measured by the reduction in the number of GP visits, A & E attendances and ‘in-patient’ hospital days.

The report also stated;

“The study also demonstrated a clear improvement in the mental health, and quality of life of its members, as measured by the Human Givens Needs scale. The main reason for improvement is probably that Next Steps provides a place where members are able to develop skills and express themselves in an atmosphere of encouragement, free from the stigma often associated with mental illness.”

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Opening Times

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