Things still going on ….

Things still going on ….

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Thornton le dale Hub,raising money for mental health charity. Thank you 🙂

Buddy Bear
Buddy Bear Knitting Pattern. Needle size 3.5mm
Leg 1
Cast on 18sts
Knit 30 Rows
Cut Yarn, leaving a length of around 30cm. Slide stitches to bottom of needle
and leave them on the needle while you knit the second leg.
Leg 2
On the free needle, Cast on 18sts.
Knit 30 Rows
Move leg one to leg 2 to continue to the body.
Continue knitting across to join both legs 36sts
Knit for the next 32 rows.
Mark the ends of the last row with a safety pin then continue knitting every
row for the head.
Knit 28 Rows
Cast Off leaving a length of around 42cm of yarn to sew up the body.
Arms (make 2 the same)
Cast on 15st
Knit 25 Rows
Cast off leaving 20cms of Yarn for sewing up.
Sewing up
NOTE: When sewing up seams together use mattress stich, working through
the garter stitch bumps at the ends of the rows. Place head and body flat and
fold the sides to the centre and stitch the centre back body seam from top
down to the legs
Next, stitch the inside of legs. Do not cut yarn.
The top of head and feet remain open and lightly stuff keeping the body flat.
Sew up feet and then head. Run stitches at each end of head to make ears.
Fold the arms to the centre and stitch up. Lightly stuff if needed, but try to
keep flat and squashy.
Thread a length of the wool yarn and using running stitch, stitch around the
marked row starting from centre back to make a neck line. Remove safety
Neck tie can be made either using ribbon, coloured twisted yarn or a knitted
Stitch eyes and make a lovely smile.
Mental Health is the silent killer and unfortunately we have no idea how our
friends and family are feeling, especially now during this pandemic.
The whole idea of our Buddy Bear is to highlight Mental Health Awareness,
and to show how important it is to help our community during this worrying
Knit as many Buddy Bears as you can and give to family and friends. It’s a
gesture to say you are not along. Pass this knitting pattern onto friends and
family so we can build a Buddy Bear Community.
We have kindly received full copyright permission from the Publisher and
joint authors to use the pattern from The Book ‘Knit yourself Calm’.
We would like to thank and credit Search Press, and Lynne Rowe and Betsan
A copy of the fantastic book is available at
This project is run by Thornton Le Dale Village Hub as part of the Britain in
Bloom 2021 community section.



As you may well know since the introduction of the Village Hub, we have raised funds through a number of activities for the Hub and a range of charities. This has included Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Martin House Hospice for Children, Juvenile Diabetes Research and Ryedale Food Bank. Our chosen charities for the coming year are “Women v Cancer” and “Next Steps Ryedale”. We are hoping to have a spring 2021 Charity walk, a coffee morning at Easter and run the very popular spin ride in August 2021. This is of course subject to change with the current circumstances.

“Next steps Ryedale”, is a Wellbeing Resource Centre based in Malton. It supports Mental Health problem, wellbeing and prevents isolation and loneliness in Ryedale. It has a drop in centre in Norton that is available to everyone. Mental Health is often a ‘hidden illness’ and has been accentuated by the ongoing Covid issues. As part of our entry into the Britain in Bloom Community section 2021, we thought that this was a good idea to highlight this very worthy cause.
It is widely known that knitting is good for our health and wellness, and with this in mind, the ‘Crafty Hubbers’ thought what better way to highlight the awareness of Mental Health and provide comfort to those suffering from Mental Health, by knitting and selling Buddy Bears.

The Idea of the Buddy Bear
Similar to a chain letter, the idea is that with one 100gram ball of bright coloured wool, three bears are knitted. One of the bears, once finished, should be passed onto a friend, a family member, a neighbour or just kept for oneself. It’s a symbol to show how much we care, and to let others know that they are not alone. The other two bears should be sent back, to a central place in the village (to be confirmed) which will then be sold to raise money for ‘Next Steps’.
We have managed to secure a grant from NYCC Stronger Communities Team for this project as part of Britain in Bloom.

A 100 gram of bright double knitted wool and a very small amount of stuffing is needed. It’s important to try and keep it flat and squashy. A small amount of dark wool will be needed for the face. All this will be provided free of charge along with a pattern to complete. June Appleton has kindly written a small card to accompany the bears. This is provided free of charge to the whole of the Thornton Le Dale community and others in the surrounding areas.
You will only need a pair of 3.5mm needles, but if anyone is struggling to find any, we do have some belonging to the ‘Crafty Hubbers’.

The knitting pattern has been given full copy right from Search Press and the two authors Lynne Rowe and Betsan Corkhill, whom we have spoken to and are fully supportive of the idea and will also publicise for us.

The pattern is extremely simple, and to double check this, it was given to Denise’s son who is 22 and has never knitted before. He managed with very little help.
You can download the knitting pattern using the link below, which will also enable it to go out to other communities. Posters will be going up shortly with other contact details. We hope that other communities will join us in taking on this challenge. This experiment has been trialled with a lady in Thorne, Doncaster. She is now contacting her local Hub and hoping to get them on board.
It would be lovely for people to email our Hub to enable us to share where the bears have gone to. A photo (no faces please) or even just a simple text. Example ‘Mrs T from Wiltshire’. We will be displaying a selection in a couple of the shops in the village that will be for sale, this will all go into the fund for “Next Steps“.

The money raised will go to buying a portable loop system, so when they hold activities any one hard of hearing is not excluded.

This idea, with your help, could be pushed out to many organisations around the country, so please if you need any other information contact Denise on 07976 533880. Anyone is welcome to join the ‘Crafty Hubbers’. We are a small group that meet in Balderson’s Tea Garden every fortnight and have a coffee, chat and share ideas. The project is something that can be done at home if you are vulnerable and self-isolating. One of the ‘Crafty Hubbers’ will be very happy to drop everything off to you.

This project is part of the ‘Thornton Le Dale Village Hub Bloom’ group and ‘The Crafty Hubbers’.

We need your help to help others.

Thank you.

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